MAGBRAKE sets a new standard in the premium car door sector

MagBrake is the worlds first intelligent door brake, allowing you to board your car comfortably and safely.


MagBrake can stop the door of your car in any position you want. This allows you to comfortably get out of your car in a tight parking lot.


In emergency situations, the movement of the door can actively be interrupted. This could prevent a biker from slamming into your door for example.


The movement behavior of the door automatically adjusts to you. This provides a new level of individuality and convenience.


“Students enter the race to revolutionize car doors.” – Link to article

“The Intelligent Car Door: Start-Up InnoMotions Develops a new Kind of Door Brake for Automobiles” – Link to article

Our Team

  • Passion

    We love what we do. Developing new innovations for automobiles is our passion.

  • Speed

    Our drive and passion allow us to move faster than our competitors and stay agile at the same time.

  • Excellence

    Whatever we work on, we want to make it perfect.



Helmut Schönenberger

As a supporter of InnoMotions and their technology, I’m convinced that this team has the competencies, the motivation and the courage it takes to turn this brilliant idea into a great, innovative product. I’m confident that they will succeed and wish them all the best for the future.

Helmut SchönenbergerCEOUnternehmerTUM GmbH
Prof. Dr. Dieter Gerling
When preparation meets opportunity, success happens. As an advisor of InnoMotions, I’ve experienced this team as being very well prepared and they are perceiving a great opportunity. MagBrake will dramatically improve how we get in and out of our cars. It will make the process easier, more comfortable and safer at the same time. There is no doubt that this is the team that will turn this vision into reality and make the success happen.
Prof. Dr. Dieter GerlingProfessor at Universität der Bundeswehr MünchenUniBW EAA
Roland Dürre

I’ve been advising and mentoring the InnoMotions Team since their early stages because I believe in the team and their idea. What impresses me most is the high speed with which they are continuously improving their technology. Being an entrepreneur myself, I can tell that their enthusiasm and their passion for their product will allow them to turn this technology into a great product and make cars more comfortable and safer.

Roland Dürre CEOInterface AG